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      4020 Newberry Rd. Suite 600
      Micanopy FL 32667
      Phone: (352) 372-3232

      BILL YAWN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. is a Insurance business located in Micanopy, FL.

      Briar Patch Farm

      8850 NW 193rd St
      Micanopy FL 32667
      Phone: (352) 591-2121

      Briar Patch Farm is a Farms business located in Micanopy, FL.

      DGS Construction Services LLC

      4690 NW 219th Street Rd
      Micanopy FL 32667
      Phone: (352) 433-1386

      DGS Construction Services LLC is a Sunrooms Solariums business located in Micanopy, FL.

      Goodwin Heart Pine Company

      106 SW 109th Pl
      Micanopy FL 32667
      Phone: (352) 466-0339

      Goodwin Heart Pine Company is a Hardwoods business located in Micanopy, FL.

      Jer-Air Mfg Inc

      22750 Highway 441 N
      Micanopy FL 32667
      Phone: (352) 591-2674

      Jer-Air Mfg Inc is a Major Appliance Parts business located in Micanopy, FL.

      Leonardo's Music and Antiques

      302 Cholokka Blvd
      Micanopy FL 32667
      Phone: (352) 450-0928

      Leonardo's Music and Antiques is a Antiques business located in Micanopy, FL.

      Pearl Country Store Barbecue

      106A NE Highway 441
      Micanopy FL 32667
      Phone: (352) 466-4025

      Pearl Country Store Barbecue is a Barbecue Restaurants business located in Micanopy, FL.

      US Lawns

      10394 NW Highway 320
      Micanopy FL 32667
      Phone: (352) 266-3199

      US Lawns is a Landscape Designers Consultants business located in Micanopy, FL.

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